iPhoneX Safari browser Autolinking Phone Numbers

I am unable to turn off phone auto linking in Pragraph nd RIch Text Blocks on iPhone X. It works as Intended on Samsung phones and iPhone 8. But iPhone X is bad.

Linked phone numbers with manually inserted HREF=phone is working as intended, text based phone number sis not working as intended only on iPhone X.

How to disable mobile device from autolinking phone number in Rich Text Block and Paragraph?

For safari, the format-detection meta tag, enables or disables automatic detection of possible phone numbers in a webpage in Safari on iOS.


<meta name="format-detection" content="telephone=no">

Found in Google searching for “turn off phone auto linking”


Awesome! Thanks Jeff.

Sorry for being dumb, but where is the best place to put this code?

In the head of the document before body open. Go to page or site settings.


thank you, works good!