iPhone Owner? Would really appreciate some help - BG Video Autoplay!

EDIT: All sorted, thank you everyone :smiley:

Hopefully a quick win…

If any of you lovely people have an iPhone, please could you just jump onto this link for me and tell me if the background video at the top of the page autoplays for you?

Client says it doesn’t play for him, but for the life of me I can’t replicate this problem in Browserstack.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


It is play on my device. Anyway, your home page is suffering of over scrolling…

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Thanks for checking @shokoaviv! What do you mean by over scrolling?

the page should scroll vertically, in your home page the page has horizontal scroll as well.

Interesting, I can’t see this on my end. Could I ask what device you are using please?

iPhone 5s :no_mouth:

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Thanks @shokoaviv! I had missed that - I had a slight overflow in the social media icons at the bottom from about 330px down. This should now be fixed down to about 270px :wink:

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Works perfect on my iPhone 7. Great job.

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