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iPhone layout issues

Hi all, my question is specifically for the iPhone portion of my site.

  1. I’m having to move items into weird spots in the design mode, in order for them to look good on my iPhone X. I’ve tried every combination of widths and settings, and both auto and relative settings.
  2. Why can I move the page around on my phone to expose a big black area? I checked the settings and I cannot figure this out. And I checked this forum history. (see pic #3) Thanks in advance!

Right now your horizontal scrolling is most likely caused by you “moving items into weird spot” as you’ve put it :slight_smile: Forcing your elements into positions with margins is not the way to layout your page. I promise you will get better at it if you were to learn about positioning more.

You should also post your published link if you want someone to look into the iphone problems specifically.

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