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iPhone bounce scroll & zoom

Hey guys!

So I wasn’t able to make this work. I’m creating a mobile version of a platform, and it needs to have an app like feel. I will need to disable that bounce scroll on the safari, disable zooming in and out and maybe some more features browsers do by default Tanks in advance ! :slight_smile:

Not sure how to disable the bounce refresh thing on IOS.

If the zoom thing is happening on form fields, make sure the form field text is set to 16pt or higher. IOS automatically zooms in if it’s anything lower.

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@samliew thanks a lot!I couldn’t make that work as I wanted it, so I placed the page wrapper as position fixed and added a background on it, so the bouncing effect is probably visible in the bc but not visible to the user. This is a webapp that always needs to be 100vh so that isn’t an issue. Thanks a lot for the reply because of it i got the idea of what I can do :blush:

The zooming works perfect tho!