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iPhone 6 mobile optimizing issue


I’ve been facing issues with iphone optimizing since the beginning. In my country, most people use android devices so I optimize on that first. Every time I check an iPhone 6 and below, the optimizing goes out of whack. My latest project has not been fixable so far though.

Let’s take the above image as an example. This is the view from an iPhone 6.

And below is the same 2 sections from an Android device. It looks the same on a 4 inch Android device and an iPhone X.

This is the case in several sections across the iPhone 6. I’ve spent hours trying different combinations to find out what the root cause is so I could fix such a problem in my workflow and styling. A lot of the content just gets cramped together and the section seems to not have height.

I’ve tagged this as a bug cause it happens only on iPhone devices with smaller screens.

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Maybe it’s about the Downloads apps that you are using. It can be fixed the issue.

while using the iPhone 6 last day while accessing the itune it shows iTunes error 5105 message. Than i visit iTunes error 5105 and found solution on it.

What if it’s about to your mobile app development tools. You can fix it anyway.

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