IPhone 13 Pro and iPhone XS Max Scroll and blank


autoscrolls and blank on an IPhone 13 Pro, iPhone XS Max and I am not sure why.
When I test it in google chrome browser, other browsers and mobile devices it seems fine, but I have tested it on mobile device IPhone 13 Pro, iPhone XS Max. it display scrollbar and blank not proper display.

Is there a setting or action that I am missing?

link : https://india-quotient-fb760c.webflow.io/

Thank you.

can you send read-only mode

yes, sure!

read only link : Webflow - India Quotient

hey let’s make “hero-section” overflow visible and width to auto try this let’s see

thank you so much for your response. it’s working now in IPhone 13 but still loading issue in some IOS devices.