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iPad workflow - building sketches

Hello everyone. This is not a webflow thread but we all use other applications too :slight_smile:

I recently bought a new iPad along with an Apple Pencil. Not exactly for work, more for entertainment. However, I had the idea that the iPad can do quite well during meetings and building a draft of the project with the client. As I also work on Adobe Creative Cloud, I immediately started checking their applications. Adobe Comp seemed to be the best in this role, unfortunately it’s quite limited and doesn’t seem to be supported anymore. (last update over a year ago). Hence my question to you, are you using any application on the iPad that will help you build sketches with the possibility of exporting them to AI, PSD or PDF? It is also important for me to be able to edit text fields.

I would also like to listen to your other suggestions, how you use the iPad in your developer work.

You can check out Affinity products. They are great. Im using Designer and Photo on comp but they are great for iPad too. Check some YT videos.