iPad Pro crash (While designing the website)

Hello :wave:

I’m trying to go iPad Pro 12.9’’ + magic keyboard only.

Figma works perfectly and Webflow does « work ». Except that it keeps crashing… I’m posting today to know if you can help me figure it out where my bugs comes from ? It simply crash randomly and says « Something went wrong ».

I have to say, when it work and this crashes doesn’t happen, the experience is incredible ! It’s just like using my old 15’’ MacBook Pro, even better!

Could you let me know if the crashed appears only because I’m using the iPad Pro or am i doing something wrong ? Also am I the only one having this issus ?

Have a great day and stay safe!

Hi, that’s expected at the moment, or more accurately it’s not expected that Webflow works on iPad OS yet. There has been no work done for iPadOS support, and nothing said apart from “not supported yet”.

You can try if it crashes less with other browsers. I’m using iCab Mobile browser on iPad and I have the feeling it crashes less.


Thanks! I’ll try iCab Mobile browser.

I hope Webflow will support iPad OS soon. It would be awesome!

Have a great day.

So do I! There’s some work to achieve that though, I’m sure. Scrolls/taps in the UI aren’t an easy thing to tune.

How did it work with iCab?

Hi ! I’m sorry for the late replay.

It looks like iCab work a bit better, but I still have some crash.

Thanks for the tips on that, I’ll keep using this iPad browser for the futur!