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iPad Pro 12.9 - Image appearing when returning to previous page using browser back button

Hi Webflow community,

I am finalising a project with a client and we are experiencing “image ghosting” when using the browser back button to return to the previous page when viewed on an Ipad. Basically whatever project selection you made, the images appear when returning to the previous page using the browser back button.

iPad Pro 12.9 inch 3rd generation running iOS 14.4 - safari and chrome

Video Recording of issue in real-time

Webflow Sharelink

Steps taken so far.

  1. All cache has been cleared.
  2. Hover interaction image “Project Feature Image” hidden.
  3. Image hidden at the end of the “Hover out” interaction also.

Any help is appreciated would be truly appreciated, as I am trying to finalise the project and troubleshooting this rendering issue is critical to the experience.

If you remove the double loading of jQuery on the project page does this issue persist?

FYI: jQuery is already loaded by Webflow right before the before body close area. Code that depends on it just needs to be loaded after that.

@webdev Thank you for taking the time to review this for me. I have indeed deleted the javascript.
I also implemented some code to force reload the page when using browser navigation.

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