iPad orientation bug, background videos not showing and slow loading

Hello all!

I have run into a few problems I was wondering if anyone could help me out with.

  1. Switching between a vertically and horizontally oriented iPad sometimes makes my (home made) navbar items disappear. They reappear again after switching back and forth between the two orientations, but with the dropdown expanded. I suspect it has something to do with my setup – the “Menu” is display: none on desktop and display: flex on iPad. This is what happens, chronologically:

Correct vertical (dropdown menu top left, “Sound: OFF” bottom right):

Correct horizontal (desktop menu top left, “Sound: OFF” top right):

Wrong horizontal (all menu items missing):

Wrong vertical (dropdown menu already expanded):

  1. This site uses a lot of background images and several background videos. I do not expect it to load fast but sometimes it is unusually slow to load. Is there something I can do about that?

  2. This might have to do with no. 2, but the background videos sometimes do not load on mobile. What could cause this?

Here is the link to the live site: https://denise-grunstein-archive.webflow.io/
Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you very much in advance.


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