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iPad/iPad Pro ignoring Poster control in BG video

Zero control over iPad display

  • iPad ignores the video poster attribute, simply displaying the first frame of the video. This gives Webflow users ZERO native control over the appearance of these Video Backgrounds on iPads used in landscape mode.

  • While a workaround might be simply applying a background image on Tablet view and below, this only works with browsers/devices using a width of 768px or less.

  • Depending on the study you read, somewhere between one-third and one-half of iPad users browse the internet using the landscape orientation. That’s millions of folks—the audiences that visit our websites.

  • Setting a 1024px custom media query is cumbersome, requiring Webflow users to use custom code each and every time they want to control the look of the video element. Furthermore, to work on iPad Pro landscape mode, the media query would have to be set at 1366px.

  • Webflow users would greatly benefit from a solution that enables users to control the Video Background appearance on iPad, enabling anyone to set a simple thumbnail/poster image. The alternative is, unless cumbersome code is implemented, Webflow users must live with the frozen, first frame of their video showing on up on every landscape iPad visitor’s browser.

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