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iOS mobile scrolling paint/render delay


I’m having issues with mobile devices, specifically iOS devices. When I scroll down the page there is a delay of half a second to a full second to display/paint/render the scrolled into portion of the webpage. I initially thought that could be because the page is still loading content on the page. However, even when I have scrolled down to the bottom of the page with all the elements loaded in, it still happens as I scroll up and back down.

I am testing on an iPhone 6 with software version 12.4.4. I have also tested on an iPhone 11 and the issue still occurs but the delay isn’t as severe. To be clear I haven’t been able to replicate this on android with a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Leading me to believe it is an iOS centric issue.

has anyone experienced this issue and what did you do to resolve it.

Can you share a URL?

IPhone 6 could be a little underpowered for heavy pages… but they have to be very heavy. I still have a 6 for tests and under iOS12 it’s still very performant.

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Below is the read-only link.

Runs fine on XR, but yeah, you have several lottie files, several page load interactions… may be a bit heavy for older devices.

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I did disable majority of the animations on the mobile viewport. However when I test newer devices such as an iphone 11 and 12 the issue still persists. There is a delay to render the section you quickly scroll into. This appears on some of the simpler pages too, like the example below.

Webflow - House

Have you seen anything like what I am describing before?