iOS Editable Div causes Fixed Navbar to Hide

Good day!

First of all, I’m totally enjoying Webflow. It’s the best editor since HomeSite. But now I’m facing an issue that I cannot find a solution for (including this forum).

Please, take a look at this page on iOS device: if you scroll down, you’ll notice a small bar appearing on top with a «14-Jul-2015» date and some buttons.

But if you tap on the text of the second paragraph, the one that starts with «Strapped to my hand was GoPro» (it is editable), you’ll see that the bar is gone. And I need that bar :slight_smile:

Can someone explain to me this behavior and suggest any fix? Thank you!

Hi @zlon, thanks a lot for the questions.

First, could you you help to share the the read-only link to your site, and a screenshot of the affected elements? This will help getting the resolution to the issue faster:

Here’s the preview:

And here are the screenshots: - this is how the page looks on iOS by default (and how it should look) this is how it looks, when you start editing the text. The fixed bar goes away while I want it to stay just like on a previous screenshot

And I guess I have not explained the issue correctly - I’m not talking about editing the site on iOS. This is how an end user will use the site when it’s ready - he will leave and edit records in his diary.

HI @zlon, thanks for the clarification, that helps a lot. I am looking into this.

Hi @zlon, thanks for your patience. It appears that the iOS editor takes over the screen when you edit some paragraph like that on iOS and the page design cannot prevent that.

If you want to prevent this, you can remove the custom attribute that you have placed on the text element, that is currently setting the contenteditable attribute to true.

If you remove that, then the paragraph should not be editable on iOS and the iOS editor will not appear when tapping on the text.

I hope this helps.

Thank you @cyberdave. However, this paragraph has to be editable, since it’s an editor. Do I get you correctly - any editable element (input or textarea, etc.) will “take over the screen” in iOS?

Hi @zlon, that is correct, iOS invokes the text editor and pushes other content out of the way, or overlays part of it. I am not sure, there might be some scripting workaround, but it would have to be searched on the internet…

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