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Invite only capabilities?

HI all,
This seems to be a great solution for my webflow website.

One thing Im in need of and not sure Memberstack supports is a way to allow access only to users who got an invitation.

it can be using a link/password that can be used only once or at least only validated once.

I am building an exclusive product that i want to allow access to people who got this invitation.

The best way for me to use it is to create a database of passwords and on the webpage of the “login” or signup, they will need to enter the password they received and only upon validation they will be allowed to create an account.

Any suggestions? thoughts?

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Hi Elya! We’re actually working on the feature you need right now. Instead of sharing a link, you’ll be able to add users directly with their email address.

They can login using the credentials you provide and then setup their account.

Do you need to charge customers? Or will everyone be on a “free” tier?

Has this officially been added to Webflow functionality? If so, what is the feature called/instructions to set up?

@Ryan_Linner - The topic is actually about Memberstack, a third-party membership addon to Webflow. Webflow does not have this functionality currently.

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Hi Duncan, has this feature since been added to Memberstack?

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Yes! Apologies for the slow reply. I’m happy to share that this feature is live and ready to go.