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Inverted Navbar possible?

Hey guys, Is it possible to make the navbar on the botton of the page and make it open upwards instead of downwards? It works in design mode but when trying the preview mode it seems invisible despite I can still click navlinks.

Here is the deal:

Thank you!!

you can create a nav bar from any position or location. If you decide to create your own, all you have to do is hide the container margin to any position you want (top, left, right, bottom), and set the hover to the location you want it to show. I don’t have any examples on hand, but the one I created for this site can technically show at the bottom, top, left or right if I wanted to (try resizing your browser to see the navbar in action).

Hm, I see the problem.
Seems to work OK when you “open the foldout menu” within the editor. However, when you actually click the hamburger-icon it opens outside the window.

I’m curious to learn a solution for this, too.

Although we haven’t officially added support for docking the navbar to the bottom yet, you might be able to fix this particular case by adding some custom code in an HTML embed:

.w-nav-overlay { position: fixed; }

Hope that helps!

Yes, thanks danro!! working good :slight_smile: