Inverse Conditional Rendering (Based on Date)

I’m trying to render a content block that would essentially be the inverse of the conditional rendering current available.

The option closest to what I’m looking for is Published On: From Today to 30 Days in the past. However, I want the element to not show if this condition is true, and only show if the publishing date is more than 30 days in the past.

Is this possible?

@PaulVanO - Welcome to the forums.

I would like to take a look as this sounds like an interesting problem to solve. Can you share a read-only link to your project?

If not, can you tell me if this is a collection filter attempt for a collection list, or just a conditional for an element inside a collection list or collection template?


It’s a conditional for an element in a collection template. You’ll find it in the top half of the page.

Read-only link can be found here.

Gotcha. Right now you would need to pull this off with some JavaScript in the page template. You could leverage moment.js to make it easier to deal with date functions.

@PaulVanO - Let me know if you need help with custom code. I could work this up pretty quick .