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Invalid Video Link Youtube

The same problem today

Having the same problem with any youtube video today

Also, the same problem and don’t know when it’s gonna be fixed.

Same :frowning: Client obviously doesnt understand it and ask me constantly when his video will be available.

Same here… Reported this in another thread: Can't add video URL to item in CMS

Have been told the issue lies with - third party service provider. is yet to respond to our bug report - hopefully Webflow is also following up. There is a work-around involving a custom embed in a rich-text field plus custom css to make the video responsive.

Hi group.

Embedly is having this issue. Since it their issue we have no idea when this will be fixed.

You can stay up to date on their status with this here:

Please let me know if you have any other questions,

~ Happy Designing ~

Having the same problem with any youtube video today. now says: All Systems Operational

Yet, I still have the error. Any ideas how to resolve?

I second this, even after is “all systems operational” it’s still not working. I sent in a support request to to notify them. However, maybe there’s an issue on the Webflow side now too?

@WebDev_Brandon if you have any updates on this we would greatly appreciate it. Trying to add videos to webflow aren’t working still…

Looks like it is up and running. Although Rich Text still looks to be having an issue. We are looking into this now.

@WebDev_Brandon I am still unable to add a video link to a lightbox… Even tried incognito mode to do it… Are we sure it’s up and running again?

Just tried again not and I’m still getting the ‘invalid’ link error.

I was able to add to lightbox using the full youtube url, but not the shortened one.

I just wanted to give you a quick update on the YouTube links issue.

​Looks like Embedly status page is not reporting an error with embedding YouTube links anymore, and I was able to test some YouTube links again successfully.

There is still an open issue with using the YouTube links in rich text elements, and also using the YouTube short version (eg. and the team is working on a fix for this.

But otherwise the other areas for embedding YouTube such as the video embed, the YouTube embed and the video link fields are working at the moment with the full YouTube video address (eg.

Engineers have recently deployed fixes for the remaining YouTube embedding issues following on from the Embedly outage.

I can confirm also now with testing that both YouTube full video URL and YouTube short URLs now working, and rich text embed for YouTube links is now working again.

Please let support know if you experience any further issue.

I had the same problem. It is now working fine with me.

You can temporarily use the “Embed” feature and put in the embed HTML that YouTube gives you for the video. I just did that on my site and it worked.

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