'invalid embed type:link'


Im designing a osteopath website and need to be able to play medical videos from a specified video company. the iframe link is https://viewmedica.com/vm/index/remote/8328/backpain/?fullscreen=true but I’m unable to get the video to play in a lightbox video as error pops up with

‘invalid embed type:link’

Does this mean we can only use YouTube or vimeo for videos? My client has to pay a subscription to use these videos and the video company can only give me iframe link or a embed code.

yes i can get the embed code working fine but the design is not the same as what my client wants.

Any ideas of how to get any 3rd party video links working. I would be grateful for your help

Here is my site Read-Only:


video trying to use

Creating your own lightbox would be the way to go.