Introduction to webflow

I am currently using WordPress for my site and want to try something different. My site is simple. I thought of going to site123, squarespace, duda and a couple of others but webflow seems to offer everything i would need to truly use and develop my site so i just wanted to introduce myself and look forward to all the resources available to me.

My site is

Take care



Hi @rmcellig,

Welcome to Webflow! Great to have you here.

Let us know if you need help with anything or have any questions :blush:


Thanks!! I do have a question that I have in another post.

Here it is just in case you can’t get to my other post.

I am considering using webflow for my personal website but there is one thing that is preventing me from moving to webflow. I use the castos podcasting service. They have an incredible plugin for WordPress that allows me to present my vast radio show episodes easily. I don’t know if webflow can do this. When you check out how I have my episodes laid out on my website, it’s easy and quick to access episodes by year. Not sure how I would do this in webflow. I’d probably have to use the CMS option but then how would I go about using it if that’s the only option?

I need something simple and fast to implement seeing I have so many radio episodes (all mp3 files).

Hi @rmcellig,

What I’d recommend is using their embeddable podcast player and integrating this with the CMS.

You can import all your radio shows using bulk import in a CSV which can include the date of each podcast and it’s embed code.

Then you can use the the HTML embed element on the CMS template page to embed each podcast dynamically.

Hope this gives you an idea of the process!

Thanks! That sounds great!!! How would go about importing into a csv formatted file? What exactly would I be importing. Sounds very interesting!!! :grinning:

Hi @rmcellig,

Check this out, should answer your questions :smile: : Import collection items | Webflow University


Excellent!! My main stumbling block is this. Let’s say I want to create a csv file of my 2009 episodes. So in the header row I will put show name, year, month, date, playlist, episode.

The episode will be a link to the episode. Can I use the url for the episode that resides on the castos server? https://castos-server-2009-in-trandition-november-03.mp3.

I think this would be easier than using the iframe code for each episode although come to think of it, it might be better to use the iframe code because then I will have the castos player. The thing is that I am going to have to go through each episode manually to get the iframe code?

I think I am going to create a five episode collection as a test and see how far I get.

I LOVE the idea of using csv files to import my episodes and then create or use podcast templates. I see all kinds of possibilities and I think in time I will forget about WordPress plugins.

Your thoughts and ideas are valuable to me!! I want to approach this using baby steps and watching all the videos I can!!

Thanks again!!! :slightly_smiling_face: