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Hi, all. We’re investigating the use of Webflow to create a new website for our church. Currently, we own a domain and I edit our existing site content using Microsoft Expression Web, and I then upload new or edited content to our host with FileZilla. Is it possible to use Webflow to edit this existing content on our current host without transferring the site to a different host? Basically, I’d like to leave everything pretty much as it is now, but use a more up-to-date editing app so we can add new features, such as compatibility with a wider range of devices.


Hey, Gryf. Welcome to the forum. Webflow does offer the ability to host outside of their platform. You are given a “code export” feature which basically gives you the files to upload to your host, which sounds like a process you’re familiar with already. You do lose out on a couple of features (mainly the CMS and form), but other than that it’s an easy process.

As far as editing your existing content, you will have to rebuild your site in Webflow to start. There’s not really a native way to transfer your old site into Webflow right now.

Hope this helps.

Or, the app stacket can export your website automated to your own server via FTP, so you do not need to download/upload each time. it also exports forms and CMS without problems, This looks like a better solution for you:

Thanks for the replies! Much appreciated.


@ Chris Coleman… Thanks again for the info, and I’m ready to start setting things up. Is there a tutorial available describing the “Code Export” feature?

As for rebuilding our site vs. continuing with the old one, that’s understood. We were planning to start over anyway, so no problems.

Thanks again!


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I have sent instructions per DM. I made several videos at my account here or at the discord.

Yep! Webflow University has a tutorial available here. Essentially, you’re given a ZIP file with all HTML, CSS, JS, and assets. Just extract it and dump it into the root folder of your webhost and you’re done.

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Thanks again, everyone. Things got busy, and I haven’t been able to work on the project - but now that my schedule has lightened up I should be able to move ahead.


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