Interrupting Interactions - is it possible?

Hi! I’m not finding any way to interrupt or cancel an interaction mid-step, and I was wondering if there would be any custom code that would allow me to do so.

To give an example of why I need this, I have a pretty long interaction (let’s call it IntA) with several elements that gradually appear on the page. One of these elements allows for another interaction (IntB) that makes the rest disappear from the page. So this is what’ll happen:

  1. I activate IntA, which let’s say takes 10 seconds.
  2. Due to IntA, the element that carries IntB appears. So far so good.
  3. Before IntA finishes, let’s say after 4 seconds, I activate IntB.
  4. Due to IntB, the other elements disappear, even if mid-appearance. This is exactly as intended.
  5. Due to IntA finishing up its sequence, some of the other elements come back, at times even haphazardly because of the broken sequence. This is the problem I’d like to fix.

There may be alternate solutions that don’t need to interrupt an interaction, but I would still greatly appreciate knowing how to do that. It would solve many headaches I’ve had and open a lot of UX possibilities.


Hey @Moscangelo

I understand what you’re saying. That is a downside to having long interaction sequences. Is it possible to have IntB come in at the end of IntA? That would be one way around the issue. Otherwise I think you’d need to write custom code on IntB that end IntA.

Maybe try reposting your question in the Custom Code Help category.

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Thanks for the reply @matthewpmunger! It would be possible to have IntB come in at the end of IntA, but that would force users to wait all the way through IntA in order to use IntB, and I would really rather not have that.

I’ll follow your advice and repost in Custom Code Help. Thanks again!

Good deal. Hope you find a solution.

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