Internet Explorer Displaying Badly

My site works fine in everything I’ve tested it on, but on Internet Explorer it’s wonky. I know of at least one place where there’s grid of 3 columns that’s getting condensed into one - I’m attaching the image below at an IE user sent me. Any ideas? My read only link is

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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instead of using Grid, use the columns component:

Internet explorer doesn’t understand Grid.

This is such a bummer - I’ve used grid in TONS of places on the site. I have entire tables that took a large chunk of time to build with the grid layout since there isn’t a native table feature. I REALLY wish I would have known about this before I used grid in the vast majority of my site! Is there any way I can have IE users redirect to a simpler page or something?

its best if you direct IE users to upgrade to a more secure browser.

This may help:

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This seems to be a common theme around here to suggest grid as an option to create layouts, although I almost always hesitate using it due to its limited support on less “functional” browsers. Flexbox can do most of what people want to accomplish, and while it’s not fully supported on IE, it’s the safer choice.

As @PixelGeek mentioned, you can suggest that visitors upgrade their browser but for some sites the amount of users on outdated browsers is too high to justify it. If you have Google Analytics you can take some insight from that and make the call on whether you recommend folks update their browser as opposed to reworking how the layouts were created.

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