Internet Explorer Bug destroying structure of flexbox

Hey, i have a huge problem,
so i created a website for a company.
After fully developing the site the company told me that a huge amount of their customers is
still using the goddmnkoprhioiogogriogeihjr internet explorer 11. :smiley:
So of course our good old explorer causes issues ( i didnt even knew that this thing still existed… )

As you can see in the screenshots when you open the site on the internet explorer some of the structure of the site gets destroyed and paragraphs are unreadable.
Does anyone know how to solve this issue ?
Would really sweaten my day if anyone knew a solution.

Anyway, have a great week dear lovely

human beeing reading this

Here is my site Read-Only:

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Hi, @J2_P_I_C_T_U_R_E_S, first, try to reorganize the structure of html like this:


I like your diagram :smiley:

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I just tried to make it easier as much as possible understandable))


thank you very muche i am going to try it out and give feedback

  • Add: Great diagram
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so i tryed it with this layout but now it all overelapps :((
i think i some what did something wrong in recreating yours :frowning:
do you maybe see what ive done wrong ?

Okay, I need some time

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thank you very muche for your effort

its really sad because it works on every other browser extremly fine

Try open in IE this link:

If it’s ok — you can clone this project and copy/paste your block:


Hi @J2_P_I_C_T_U_R_E_S @bro-design

It’s worth mentioning here that IE doesn’t fully support flexbox. Unfortunately, since Microsoft stopped providing updates / support for IE, it’s unlikely this will change anytime soon.

I recommend taking one of two routes here:

This is definitely a subjective decision that largely depends on your user base. If you expect a lot of users to be accessing your site via IE, then option 1 is the best route. If most of your users will be using modern web browsers and mobile devices, you may consider the second option.

Hope this helps :smiley:


Once again, thank you very very muche :)))

it works on the internet explorer, im going to rebuild it now

great guy - definitly made my day better !


i was aware that the internet explorer causes sometimes issues with webflow projekts, but duo to
the small userbase and how bad the explorer really is i didnt thought there was a need to focus on that…

… unfortunately the company told me now that 90% of their customers have to use the explorer because
they all use DATEV Software that only runns on IE …

anyway thanks for your thought :slight_smile:

Have a great day



Works now totally fine

Huge Thanks !
Have a gread day man :slight_smile:

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