Internet Explorer 11 trouble with parallax and flexbox styles

Hey guys,

I just wanted some help to fix this problem I’m having on IE 11 Browsers. The picture is attached. The background image is just not fixed anymore to the whole of the width of the section.

Can anyone explain me whats the issue here?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Plus all of the text alignment is starting from the top of my section.

Can someone please help!

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U are use to cash property for full background on the page

CSs property background : cover

how do you do that? can you please direct me how to achieve that

Now are many css 3 features are add property to used for css backgrounds go to the cover property of css to use now only for background

I cant seem to understand you! Would I be asking too much if you can just record a video or something!

here’s the preview link! can you guide me with some pictures or anything! Thanks a load! :slight_smile:

Flexbox is only partially supported in IE. I suggest removing IE from your requirements, otherwise do not use flexbox at all.

Hello, Guys

I have been at the forum for a quite a while, been posting questions and gotten some really good answers, but unfortunately, I’m getting stuck at one major problem, which is parallax effect.

My design is this!

There are multiple colorful bold lines all over the page which needs to be parallax. I think I figured how to do it but then the problem came on different sizes of the devices.

Example attached here —>

Here’s the read-only link!

Please if anyone can fix this.

I need someone to explain to me why IE is giving me weird alignments and how can I fix this?

Other than that! how can I use images to overlap sections and be parallax? all the images will be either on the left start of the canvas or right!

Something like this! like the RED LINE OVERLAPPING THE TWO SECTIONS!

And would anyone be able to show me how to have parallax scrolling on this!

These 3 issues are the only problem which is stopping me to love this platform! please someone help me. The client is waiting for deliverables and I’m just stuck and I have no idea how to fix this thing!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @shzyb

I see @donaldsv gave you lots of help here: Need Help in Developing A Website For Client - #7 by donaldsv

Did you get those things implemented ok?

It looks like your first issue with IE - will be because those items use Flexbox which doesn’t work well on that old browser - see

For Parallax scrolling see this short tutorial, and then a longer workshop by @PixelGeek

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I have done a website with webflow ( and the parallax effect that I did in the home page is no displaying correctly in Firefox and Explorer (it displays correct in Chrome, Safari and Ipad). How can I fix the parallax effect on Firefox and Explorer without to affect the other browsers?

Thanks so much for your help.

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