Internal linking to page sections not working

I want to link the fixed side menu heading to its sections on the same page.
I use fullpage.js for smooth scrolling.
I used the method of putting the ID of the section I wanted to jump to and reference that section to the link text on the side menu but it didn’t work.
you can test it by clicking on the first heading (electric bike)

In my experience Webflow is fairly strict about the positioning of the targeted item, or the in-page scrolling script won’t work correctly.

Normally I’ve found your ID needs to be on a section, and needs to be at the top level of the DOM. Did you create it there and then move it later?

In any case my guess is that’s what’s interfering, and/or the fact that the items you’re navigating to are in a column element.

I moved the ID to the section instead of the heading but still does not work on the live page.

What I noticed :

In preview mode:

  • internal linking: working
  • fullpage scrolling: not working

In Live mode:

  • internal linking: not working
  • full-page scrolling: working

Any solution?

hi @Mahmoud you have only one section set.

you can check how you have done your TOC that works as expected.

Hi stan
I know that i have one section, and i need that one section to be able to navigate through the side menu link so i can continue creating and linking other sections.
Cheack my initial home page to find how i built a big TOC

hi @Mahmoud I know how to build TOC. All I’m saying is you can add more ID’s to sections to be able navigate to another section when clicked on link (like in your TOC). Or I do not understand what is your approach.

do you mean @Mahmoud creating effect of highlighting side nav to have visual feedback on what part of TOC is in view? If this is your approach you can use intersection observer. here is one example

Hi Satan
clicking on the link (electric bike ) not working and not navigate to the electric bike section on live page , that is the problem

I diligently setting the IDs for each section and correctly linking them in the side menu, clicking on a menu item, such as “Community Guidelines,” failed to smoothly scroll to the designated section on the page. I found myself puzzled by this unexpected behavior, suspecting potential conflicts in the JavaScript libraries or misconfigurations in the fullpage.js initialization settings.

Same problem i am facing for my joiplay website. the internal linking redirects to homepage againt i dont why this is happening. i do proper links and then also put targetted links but i doesnot refer to the targeted page.