Interface Bug - Copy Element - New Element Says Visible But it Is Hidden

I seen this bug several times… surprised no one has said anything about it ?

Basically… copy and paste a visible section with a background onto the form.

The new section will indicate that the background image is visible - as well as all elements within the section.

They are not.

Hiding the background image - then showing it again corrects the issue.

See video:

Can you try opening the designer tool in incognito mode? Might be an issue with a Chrome browser update.

Of course it’s not doing it now… in standard or incognito :frowning:

However, I have exited Chrome completely though.

That may have cleared out the issue.

I’ve seen this issue in the past… I’d say 5 or 6 times over the past month.

And I’ve exited Chrome every time. Not sure if previous exits cleared out the issue…

but did not see immediately the issue the again.

perhaps it’s a code or memory leak.

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