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Interection click to pop up button to share on social media

I am having a hard time to setup my “share button/share screen” as you can see in this video:


I have to click at least 2 times on the Share Button in order for “share screen” to open.

Moreover, how do I make each link (email, facebook, twitter) to work (share on those platforms)?


Hi @Othon_Guilherme_Bera

You can a conflicting interaction with your share section :slight_smile:

Try setting up your interactions in a more cleaner way. Also, make it a habit to name your interactions to what they do. Leaving it named New Interaction 10 makes things more confusing when your trying to track down a “bug.” (get it? :wink: )

hope this helps


Thanks for your help, @PixelGeek . I renamed my interactions. Also, I deleted the New Interaction 10.

Now, see the result. The share section opens but it doesn’t close.




@PixelGeek, is it a bug?

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