Intercom app language - Webflow localization

I have installed Intercom messenger to the website by using the Google Tag Manager. I am changing from Weglot translations to Intercom native localization. I would like to Intercom messenger change language based on the selection of the language in the webpage. I haven’t found answer to this, does anyone know how to do this? Example: = intercom messenger language is English, when visitor toggles language switcher and ends up to = intercom messenger language should change to language-x.

Hi Mikko,

I don’t use Intercom on any of my localized sites, but it does support a language override via its config settings. I don’t see an auto-detect feature.

You would write a custom script to;

  • get the lang attribute from the <html> element
  • strip it to the 2-char ISO language code, if it has a locale
  • set intercom’s language_override setting to that value before you load it

Make certain you’ve already configured Intercom to support that language.