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Interactivity Lottie

Hi y’all,

I found these pre made interactions with lottie animations. This is exactly what I need in my website, but I can’t seem to find how to get this working. Anyone has a small step by step guide to make this work?

The pre made interactions: Lottie Player - Interactivity Guide

Only read Link: Webflow - Copy of HVC Jaarverslag


you don’t seem to have imported the library via CDN. Or maybe you’ve placed it in your project settings custom code?


I’ve placed it in the project settings. Is that wrong? How do I import the library via CDN? Thanks for helping me, btw! Much appreciated

It should work correctly, but try placing it at the bottom of your closing body tags on your home page:

You import it by simply copying & pasting the CDN link from their documentation page:

Allright, I placed the line of code in the 'Before tag. So if I create an embedded code in my website with this code:

It should work?

What do I do wrong? Tried it with a new page and I see the Lottie animation, but not the effect.


Published site with animation: