Interactive feature view

Hey there :wink:
So, I need help with my current Webflow project… I want to build a product page on which the viewer gets information about the product my startup sells. As I want to give information about the different features of our product, I wanted to place an image of the machine at the top of the page and place buttons over the different parts of the machine. Then I planned the button to lead to a certain page section where the feature is described and explained etc. I don’t really know how to structure it properly (with the goal that resizing is possible and the buttons don’t move from their position relative to the image. I am sorry if my description is a bit clumsy but I would be very thankful for any advice!

Use Tabs - I’ve recorded A short video to demonstrate the use of Tabs - but I encourage you to watch webflow video about this issue - you can find it here

Thanks! I will try it…