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I am in the middle of designing a website for my band. I am trying to create an interactive chart that involves our repertoire. Basically it would be organized like such

Title | Artist | Genre | Year

I would like to allow for reorganization of the chart by clicking one of the selected column headings. So if they would like to search for an artist, they could click the artist heading and have it organized 0-9 and a-z from top to bottom. And the same for genres. If they would like to search for specific genres, then they could click on the genre heading.

It is fairly important to be able to incorporate this as our repertoire is now sitting at around 1000 songs.

Hi @Chris_Allard,
to recreate such functionality is possible by using tabs and dynamic collections (if your content is dynamic).
This would be tab-links >>>> Title | Artist | Genre | Year, and every tab could have dynamic collection list, sorted in the way it should.


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Hey, I am not sure how that would work exactly could you provide a little more detail?

This is an example of what I am trying to do.

Title | Artist | Genre | Year

9 to 5 Dolly P Country 1985
ABC J 5 Disco 1972
U F B M Disco 2010

Title | Artist | Genre | Year

UF BM Disco 2010
9 to 5 DP Coun. 1985
ABC J5 Disco 1972

So everything is visible however all content is rearranged based on which title is selected.

Here we go (sorry, had to separate on 2 videos):

Thank you very much! That is exactly what I am looking for! Now just putting a thousand songs, phew that will be hard!

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I am glad we found solution. :smiley:
Now remember, you can’t have more than 100 items in 1 dynamic list. So you will have to think about pagination.

Yeah I think I will remove Genre from the categories and subdivide different lists based on genres. Can I have multiple separate collections with 100 in each collection?

Maximum 5 dynamic lists on one webpage, if I remember correct.

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