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Interactive CMS Layouts/ List

I’m attempting to create a section that features an interactive section where users can view case studies by hovering over the cms items on the left (see image below). When the user hovers over each of the CMS items, the full case study is displayed no the right-hand-side.

Is it possible to achieve this in Webflow currently, if so, is someone able to advise as to how this can be done?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Yes this can be done - its pretty straight forward but it does require some custom code (jquery)

I made a little mockup for you

And please remember when you use custom code it is only visible in a published page. As such here is the published page link of the example above

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi @IVG, this isfantastic! The link to the mockup results in a 404, are you able to reshare the link please?

Here it is again