Interactions working on live site but not webflow designer preview


I am encountering a strange behavior where no interactions (cursor interactions, hover states, clickable elements) are working in the Webflow designer but are working in the live site. They were working as recently as last night.

I verified that the most recent version in the designer is published. I am working in Chrome and tried updating it in case that was the issue, but I’m not sure what’s going on. What’s even stranger to me is that the designer view is partially working (cursor at least moves even if you can’t interact with anything) but in the read-only link, that won’t even move.

Hope this is something small I’m missing- any insight would be helpful!


Link to published site (working for me):
Like to read-only preview (not working for me): Webflow - Portfolio Site

Hi @jrudziensky,

This looks related to this issue as you’re using HTML embeds with CSS styles for the cursor: BUG: HTML Embed w/ style tags no longer affecting designer view - #2 by heycorgi

This issue is being looked into now!

Oh wow- thanks for spotting, Milan. Will follow that thread.