Interactions working in preview but not shared link

I’ve found similar questions to mine on the forum, but while some have responses, I am struggling to find an answer that solves the problem for myself.

I’m a newbie, working on my second-ever Webflow project and started experimenting with interactions.

The interactions I did work as intended in preview, but are not working at all in the shared link, which I’d like to share with my client. They are simple: the headings “what we do” and “industry expertise” slide down as the page scrolls to land at the bottom of their corresponding text blocks.

The LINK link should take you to my project. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

I would recommend using a Sticky

@Bimbi Will give that a try! Thank you!

UPDATE: I played around with sticky, and that’s just not the look I’m going for. I created the interaction I like, but it’s just not showing up on the share link.

It works once you toggle preview. I don’t think interactions work when you’re in the designer… try sharing the .io domain link to your customer to preview instead?

Hope this helps.

Yes, it does work in preview. It doesn’t work on the share link. BUT…your response made me check the share link to be sure it’s in preview by default. It is…and when I toggled to designer then back to preview, the interactions worked!

Seems like it’s just a little bug, but thank you, @_Chris for leading me to the answer.