Interactions work in preview mode but not working live

Hi guys,

I checked the forum but couldn’t find a solution so please excuse if this is stupid question.

My website should have three interactions: “Growth” should move up on scroll into view, the testimonials should slide in on scroll into view and the bottom cards should flip on scroll into view.

These work in preview mode, but not on the live website. I think I’ve published the interactions correctly.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Here is my public link:

Here is my live site:

Best Regards,

Hi Chris,

There’s an error on your page which I think might created by the Drift code you have in the embed widget at the bottom of the page.
Try removing it and publish to check

Hi @avivtech thanks for getting back to me. I’ve removed the Drift Widget, but the problem remains. Any other ideas? Thanks for your help.

Interactions seems to work now on my side