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There is a error with some interactions, I think. It was all working fine, then suddently a scroll interactions is action strangly. I removed it from the elements, but its still “going strong”.

Any idea? You can see from the gif that you can see it, then its gone.

Hey @krubens what element has the interaction set on it for the point where those images don’t appear? Can you re-bind them so that I can help you troubleshoot?

Hi @Waldo
I found out whats wrong, just not the solution.

The section called - venus big text section - is overlapping the section above. Fore some reasons.
if I move it to another place on the page, the section works fine.

Hey @krubens
Is the parent element set to relative positioning? That should fix the issue. :slight_smile:

No, thats the thing. And it works on mobile view. But not the other views

I’d try setting the parent elements to relative positioning then let me know if you’re still experiencing this issue.

Ok. Its the section above that is action strange. If I remove the section called - venus big text - The section under behaves the same.

I guess I can delete it and start over. But its still strange.

It is a section bugging, with other sections, so I guess that would not help. A section cannot be within a section anyway?

Ok. I guess I fixed ut, Just made that section from scratch again.
But thank you anyway @Waldo :smile:

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@krubens, very, very nice site.

@Waldo and @krubens, can either of you help me achieve the parallax scroll effect that is used on Venus detail page?

My forum post here: Create overlay effect on scroll?

Thank you.
It seems like you got your answer? :smile:

@krubens Nope! I’ve been given the same answer a few times which doesn’t work in my case, unfortunately.


Two options

First: You can make the background a photo. with the text and everything. use a DIV block and make the background that background image, set it to fix

Second: or you can set the the div block with text and everything to Fixed position under the position are in the control panel.
Then set every section under that to relativ and Z-index: 1


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