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Interactions / While Scrolling In View

Hey guys,

I’m trying Webflow for the first time, great tool!

My two problems, for now, is:

  1. The second section of the home page. I want three images that are “hidden”, move-in horizontally while scrolling in view. But I am doing something wrong, they are not hidden. They are just further out on the sides. So I can move the screen on the phone sideways, especially to the right.

  2. I want my menu at the bottom and this problem only occurs on my Samsung S9 (Chrome). No problems with the iPhone (Safari). When I load the home page on the Samsung in Chrome the menu doesn’t show up until I have scrolled past the second section with the interactions and images. Then when I scroll back up again the menu is there and jumps through two different states, one that is regular and one that is wider (due to the first problem with the images).

Try it out, I find it hard to explain through text in a different language.


Here is my site Read-Only:

Solved it!

I gave the section the images are within overflow:hidden and everything are now working as it should!