Interactions / When Scrolled Up / Offset feature: Triggering animation when scrolled up to very top of page


I’ve created a shrinking navbar to shrink when scrolled down and to expand in its original form when scrolled up.

I’m applying the offset feature when scrolling up and I understand how it works, but I currently have to apply different values (% or px) for each page since each page has a unique length because I only want to trigger the animation once the page is near the start/top.

I also have to scroll down through the entire length of my pages to effectively trigger the scrolled up animation.

Is there an easier method to trigger the scrolled up animation once it reaches the top of the page?

Thanks! Desi

Good afternoon @wundrbred Desi, welcome back to the forum,

Please add a share link for your project so we can better help you?

Also please attach a current preview link to your project?

Looks like I’ve found what I’m looking for and can’t wait to try it out!