Interactions (Spline) not working across pages

Dear Web Wizards,

Loving the new Spline integration, but I’m having trouble getting page interactions to work with my spline scene across different pages.

Put simply: I have page-level interactions (like whilst scrolling, page laod, mouse move in viewport) that interact with a simple spline scene and manipulate it through movement, rotation, etc.

These interactions are set up to ‘affect all elements with this class’ - with the class in question being the lottie animation which I have across multiple pages.

These interactions work as expected for the first page (my home page) - but they don’t trigger for my other pages unless I manually re-create the interaction again.

This is unexpected behaviour (behaving more like ‘affect selected element’ rather than ‘affect class’) and is slowing down my design speed.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. On home page, add new spline scene
  2. Add class to spline scene (e.g. ‘Spline Hero Animation’)
  3. On home page, add new page-level interaction (e.g. on page load)
  4. Link this interaction to the class ‘Spline Hero Animation’ and select ‘affect all elements with this class’.
  5. Test this interaction to make sure it works on the home page.
  6. Create new page, copy the spline scene to the new page
  7. Add the same page-level interaction you previously created
  8. Observe that the spline scene is unaffected - both in ‘Live Preview’ in the editor and on the published site.

For now, I will be re-creating the animation from scratch on every page that I needed, but I wanted to report this in case anyone else has come across the same issue.

Anyone who has solved it, I would appreciate any guidance, otherwise this goes to the Webflow team & I hope you can fix it soon.

Best wishes,

What I do, I duplicate the original page with the spline, and rename that page and build the page. Webflow will probably duplicate interactions , but link the original interactions and throw the duplicates away . No need to rebuild interactions this way. Only works when interactions are triggered by classes, I think .

Hi… I have the same problem on my sites. but no fix. :upside_down_face:

I will report it to the Support tonight. :+1:

Also having the same issue here, I gave my spline element a specific CSS class so I could target it easily across pages but somehow the spline interaction loses the targeted objects and I can’t link them back