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Interactions Rollover

Hi Guy’s

I have a mouse over Interaction set on my home page that works well if you keep you mouse over it until the Interaction finishes but if you move your mouse off before the end it stops working. If you roll off you will see the text sticking out the bottom. I’m doing something wrong in my Interaction but dont know what. Can someone point me in the right direction please.



Here is a quick Loom video

Can your clarify your issue, is it the close before fully open or just why the text is popping out the bottom?

Yeah it’s the text popping out the bottom?

I see now not the one in the pull down but behind.
I am not seeing that issue on edge browser, have you fixed it?
Hold on, it on loading the page not after hover off?

right now i see it.
its when an open is half way and a close kicks in.
kind of hard to replicate but I can now look into it.

Ok I got the fix.
Change the “service box” trigger from class to element and then add the trigger to the other “service box” elements.
If this works, tick me heart and solution.

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That’s amazing its been bugging me for ages. Thank you.

No problem and great to hear.
If you want to donate then send me a PM.
Other than that, enjoy more webflow and have fun. :slight_smile: