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Interactions problem


I’m struggling with a “Fade Show” interaction for my website

There is a text box over a slideshow. When the text box have faded in it ends with a bolder text weight just at the end. In the preview when I’m designing it’s not like that, the text box fades in just as I want to. But on the actual website it puts on this boldness to the text at the end of the fade. I have tried to make a new text box from scratch, I have almost tried everything, but not everything because then I wouldn’t be asking for help.

Please can someone take a look and maybe help me?

Thank you

I don’t think I witness that… do I?

sorry, the textbox on top of not over. Hover over the slideshow

Hi @felixgunz, I also tested, but I am not able to reproduce the error. Can you confirm, what operating system is your PC and what browser? I can run a test. Cheers, Dave

I’m using osx 10.9.4. and safari. I’m also talking about the text on top of the slideshow, if you hover over it. Not the navigation bar. Thanks

Hi @felixgunz, sorry I forgot to ask, can you please share you public link (it is read only) that we cna look what might be the issue? You can enable and copy this link from site settings. Cheers

I just figured it out, it’s safari, chrome didn’t do it, neither did other browsers I have tried now. Thanks guys!