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I would like to stop interactions over mobile and tablet’s but couldn’t find a way to make that. Can someone give a hand on this?

Hi @Daniel_Sun, there is not a way currently (yet) to stop those interactions on different devices, but what you can do, is to create a duplicate of the item that is having the interaction, and on one copy of the element, set it’s Visible On setting to show just on Desktop view, and on the duplicate copy without the interaction, set that to show only on the mobile devices. I hope that helps.

Cheers, Dave

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@Daniel_Sun , what’s the reason for remove interactions on the rest of devices apart of desktop?
@cyberdave , is it recommended to do this? i checked interactions on a portrait phone and work
just fine, but im not sure if some devices will have problems with that, good that you brought this
topic Daniel !, Thanks guys.-

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Hi @OrangePeel, @Daniel_Sun, the interactions, except those based on the scroll trigger, will work on mobiles. The scroll events are disabled for mobile devices as the those are primarily using touch based events.

There could be reasons why you want to have interactions only on desktop, but I think it is mainly to keep the mobile views as lightweight and free from distraction or the interaction on desktop does not looks as good on mobile due to the small viewports… there can be any number of reasons really :smile:

The nice thing about Webflow is that you can set the visibility of your web elements to show or hide based on the device, and Webflow does the hard work of creating the necessary css media queries for that. I am sure others may have comments how they use interactions on Mobile, it is an interesting topic.

Cheers, Dave

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Yesm that helps a lot Cyberdave, thanks!

It all depends on your point of view and what you want to achieve. As @cyberdave said, there are a number of reasons why you don’t want interactions on mobile. In my case, we are working in a UX project and the data show’s interactions actually are distractions for the user.

I prefer little to no interactions / transitions on mobile devices.

kiss. keep it simple and stupid.


the duplicate item trick may work, but i think it makes total sense to be able to deactivate interactions in mobile themes. +1 for that!

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a dissaster!

i duplicated a page, then everything started to malfunction. i realized i had to rename the ID: of the pages also, and then all the menus i had to redirect to one or the other… but as the menus can’t send to a different link in mobile or desktop themes then i had to create symbols and different menus for each page…


i just gave up.

please, it would make a lot of sense to deactivate interactions on mobile sites.


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Hi @Daniel_Sun, this is just an update to this post that scroll trigger is now functional on iOS mobiles. Cheers,


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Hi @cyberdave, the Scroll interaction is not working on iOS or Android Chrome.