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Interactions not working with call tracking

Hey guys and girls,
I am coming at you with a brain scratcher of a problem. I am using call tracking on my client’s website and the script is causing all of my popup interactions to have a caniption fit. The ones that worked allowed the popup to open but subsequently the close button then wouldn’t work. For the moment I have changed all of the interactions for links to a form on a page so that my client can still get business. I have created and published a page called popup-test which also has some information on the page about the issue. The page is published to the live site as the script only works off of the domain.

Am hoping there maybe a solution to this problem.

Thank you all in advance.

Published Preview:
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If anyone else is having the same problem as I was I have found a solution. It appears that you cannot have the call tracking script affect an element within the same parent div as an element with interactions. The way around this was to place a list and have them as individual list items. This then allowed for them to be separated and work as they’re supposed to.