Interactions not working on CMS Page


Been designing with webflow for a couple months and i am having trouble previewing interactions all of a sudden on my CMS pages, and they were working before. They are also not working on the published site. Interactions throughout the rest of the site are working fine though. Any ideas here?

Here is a link to the page: Webflow - Damon Amato Portfolio

There are multiple conflicting setup I found on your project.

I checked the one for Navigation animation and I saw some issue. You have chosen Selected Element for the selector which should be done when animation is applied on a very specific element, unique to a page
So you should use Class selector there because animation is used in multiple locations/pages
so selecting Class works best.

Please check the screenshot.

And another thing it is best practice to use same unit when animating, if you want to animate from 0px to some other value, that value should also be in px. Here % unit works best, so starting should be 0% and ending should be -100%

Also do not add multiple interactions targeting same elements, it will have conflicts.

I hope this helps.

thanks for the advice abi, just made those edits. unfortunately, none of the animations on this page are working still. any idea as to why?