Interactions nested in dynamic list do not run in Preview mode

Hello, I’m new to Webflow and found an annoying bug with preview mode. I have a small sample that works fine in the public view but not in preview mode.

The sample consists of two divs that contains an H1, both divs with class “mydialog”. The first div is nested inside a dynamic collection item and the text of his H1 is supplied by the CMS.

The red dot has an interaction that toggles display on and off for all “mydialog” classes. It works as expected in the public view but not in preview mode, the div inside the dynamic item does not toggle. Smells like a preview mode bug.

It’s not a showstopper but I have to publish like crazy to test every little change instead of being able to use the preview mode. It’s driving me slowly crazy, lol.

Hi @esassaman, thank you so much for the great level of detail on this. Looks like strange behavior there, and will be checked.

As soon as there is an update, that information will be posted here.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @esassaman, just wanted to send you an update. I can confirm, this is a known behavior at the moment, where interactions are not running in preview mode, when nested inside of dynamic lists.

As you have observed, the interaction fires on the published site.

I cannot give the exact timeline for when this behavior in preview mode will updated, but when it is, I will share that here.

Thanks in advance.

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Thank you much. This is not a big problem as you noted, it works fine outside of preview mode. Thanks for the followup!

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