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Interactions making published page not work

I have a show and hide interaction on my page. The published page works when the show and hide is gone but when I add it all of the content disappears. Below is a link to a video showing what I am talking about. Any help is appreciated!

Also, I thought you may want to see how I have my intereactions set up. Here is a another quick video showing that.

Hello @talktohenryj,

Can you share a read only link?

When you say read only link do you mean my published link?

That is it above.

No @talktohenryj, this is what i mean

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Oh, gotcha. I’m still new here.

Hello @talktohenryj,

So your animation is hidden because you are setting it as hidden with the animation. The weird part is that it actually works on the designer. What you have to do is you need to create a new element for your content that is triggered by your Job Card.
right now you have two job card divs, im guessing you copy one from the other? delete one and create a new one where you put your description and you create the animation just like you did before. The trigger would be on click over Job Card but the target element would be the new div that your create. To change the target, right click over the element you selected as the trigger on the animation panel
I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.


I was a little confused about what you were saying to do but your logic around it being two job cards did lead me in the right direction. Thank you.

To solve, I just renamed the second card “description card” and re did the animations. My thought based on what you were saying is since the animation was initial state “job card” was hidden it was hiding both. Changing the name seems to have fixed that.

Thanks again!

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Hey @talktohenryj, Im glad it worked out for you. Sorry I wasn’t too clear on my description, that is why I alway try to add pictures, as pictures sometimes do a better job explaining than my descriptions. Good luck on your site!

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