Interactions loose their state when switching to another view

Interactions lose their state when switching to another view. (e.g. from desktop to tablet) But only if there is more than one interaction on the page and the trigger settings are not set for all views.

On my page I want to switch from “Custom x Vetro di Murano” to “Custom”. I used an interaction to hide one container & show the other. When I now narrow the browser window, to see how it looks on tablet view, the selection jumps back to “Custom x Vetro di Murano”.
This happens, because I have other interactions on the same page, that have NOT checked all four media queries. If I would check them all - it will work - but I dont want to : -)

Does anybody know what I am doing wrong?

Here is my public share link: [LINK]1
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I created a simple example so show the problem:

  1. Go to preview and click the grey button. The green block will hide, and the red block will show.
  2. Now narrow the browser, to switch to tablet view (everything good - red block stays visible’)
  3. Quit preview and select the little pink square on top right
  4. Select its inteaction trigger and uncheck one of the views

Preview again - click grey button - narrow browser - and now the red block will not stay visible, but hides, and the green block shows…
…any solutions to avoid this?