Interactions issue - "Need 2 interactions in 2 different keyframes

OK, trying to do a reveal interaction on what I believe is a div (part of a template I liked, Velocity) The image is full-width which it mentions in the little yellow triangle, Can’t cut and paste it, bummer. So perhaps, someone has had the same issue and resolved it.

Thanks in advance

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Can you please be more specific? Which interaction doesn’t work for you? What should it do?

Under “Managed Services” I wanted the “White Box”(es) to fade in as I scrolled down the page. But I get the error message referenced above. I was able to to create an interactsion for the header.
Thanks for taking a look, really appreciate it!!!

I am not sure I see any error message mentioned above.

But this template’s setup is really convoluted to begin with. It is an old template I guess that’s why it is weird.

You would be better off removing both page triggers and just recreating the fade effect. It is super simple, just use build in fade effect.