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Interactions Issue for Marcoe Music

Not sure what I am doing incorrectly but I am sure it’s something small. I have an interaction that hides content on Page Load. Then an “On Click” interaction to reveal the information. I have 3 categories on my Home Page 1. Formal Education 2. Experience 3. Student Reviews. The “Experience” button works fine. The Formal Education and Student Reviews, however, does not reveal the information. I have just made some small edits (nothing to do with these interactions) to the site and published it. I then discovered this issue.
I deleted the interactions and created new interactions for each following the steps I used for the “Experience” button.
I am perplexed. Any help is greatly appreciated as I need to export the code to my tech guy as soon as possible. Customer is a bit anxious the changes are updated on her site,
Thank you for your help

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I’m not certain right away what the issue is, but have you tried using the tabs widget for something like this? It works out pretty perfectly for this type of thing. HERE is a link to the tutorial for using the tabs widget. I can take another look later when I have more time if you want it to function the way you have it currently.

Hope this helps!

I will check out the tabs widget, the more reliable the better,
Thank you,

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