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Interactions interfering with Editor Mode

@Waldo et al,

While working on another WIP site, I ran into the same problem! [bug caused by the EDITOR MODE perhaps??]

Here’s what happened this time:

  1. Everything was fine: interactions were smooth in preview and when published. I did this several times.

  2. I opened the site in “Editor” and it loaded a bit oddly, with the interactions spazzing out. Published a change.

  3. I logged out of “Editor” and opened the webpage in a new window…in incognito…republished and in a new window…still spazzing out.

So, I think this may have been what messed up my other interactions as well. Any thoughts as to how to fix this, or if it is a bug caused by the “Editor” mode?

published site: LINK
preview site: LINK

@johanna_f One thing I noticed is that interactions don’t seem to work right when the Affect what element of the transition (used for Hover) is on ALL. This maybe your problem, if so, make sure to pick out all the effected elements that are taking place but do not put it on ALL. Hope this helps. :wink:

Hi @johanna_f

Here are a few suggestions i’d try when i could publish:
Try setting the ease setting from ease in to ease and see if that changes anything?
Try wrapping the nav links in one div so that the interaction doesn’t have to move 2 separate items.
Unchecking the loop button and see if that changes anything

Also, what do you mean by the interactions spazzing out?

Pretty hard to help when you can’t publish the site and check for yourself you know :smile:

Since you’ve been waiting to get this fixed for about 6 days now I suggest you send an email to and let them have a look at your project.

Hope you get this resolved ASAP


Hey @johanna_f could you please make a screen recording showing the “spazzing out” issue which you are seeing?

With the way that this page is designed, it looks like the interaction runs twice while loading in the CMS Editor Panel.

Thanks in advance and standing by for your confirmation and screen recording.

Hi @Waldo,

I’m no longer quite as worried about this, as the published site behaves normally in “incognito” mode, at least. I’m attaching three screen recordings:

  1. [NORMAL] the webpage loading in Designer preview: LINK
  2. [NORMAL] the published webpage loading in chrome incognito: LINK
  3. [SPAZZY] the webpage loading in chrome normal, logged out of Editor (but you can still see the tab to log back in on the bottom): LINK

The videos are poor quality (best way to share video screen grabs?) but basically, the issue in normal chrome now, post editing and logging out one time in the editor, is a ghost image appearing before the rest of the symbol loads.

Hey @johanna_f glad to hear that you’re able to get this working. When you’re working on a site in Editor, it’s usually best to preview the site in Incognito mode (just to make sure nothing is cached, in this case it looks like something with the Editor was caching). :smiley:

Those videos worked fine actually, thank you very much for that! :smiley: I personally like to use Quickcast as a screen recording software personally, but there are many out there.

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